Word of Mouth: A Double-Edge Sword

Waiting on those trims is bad for business because word of mouth is a double‐edged sword.  Word of mouth can be great for your business.  Notice, I said CAN BE.  Even though YOU did everything right, that word of mouth will not be in your favor when your waiting on the trims to finish the job because the homeowners could be telling their friends and relatives that YOU took too long to finish the job.  For any business, word of mouth can make a huge impact on sales.  That fact is basic business knowledge, but lets look at how it may playout on a project.

As a flooring professional you and your team do everything you possibly can to complete jobs in a timely and professional manner, but some of those jobs had huge delays because you just couldn’t get your hands on acceptable corresponding trims for the rigid vinyl plank flooring.  You ordered everything and scheduled the installation.  You scheduled the installation date based on the information provided to you by your suppliers.  The installation date arrives and you still don’t have the trims.   You contact the corresponding trim supplier again and they assure you that you are going to have them soon.  Rather than miss the installation window you proceed with the installation because if you reschedule it it would push the installation date out for several weeks or months due your overall installation schedule.  So you get the floor down, but you still don’t have the trims.  You explain the situation to the homeowner and wait for the trims to arrive.

In the mean time at the homeowners house life goes on.  Family, friends, and neighbors come over to visit.  While there, the new flooring quickly and repeatedly becomes the topic of conversation.  They see the floor, they love the floor, but are curious as to why there are gaps of unfinished areas.  The homeowner then goes into the explanation about how they are still waiting for the flooring dealer or installation professional to finish the job because they don’t have the correct trims. And how they have called those people over and over and how the completion date just keeps changing, but nothing ever happens.  Did you notice that?  They tell their visitors that they are waiting on YOU, the flooring dealer or the installation professional, to finish the  job.  No matter how many times or how well you explained the situation to the homeowner, the homeowner may still associate the trim problem with YOU.  They will rarely attribute the matter to the root cause of the problem which is your third party corresponding trim supplier. Unfortunately, all too often your business will become the face of the problem.  At some point in the conversation with the homeowner’s visitors the following question or variation of it will be asked, “Well, where did you buy the floor? Or “Well, who is installed the floor?”  Now, for jobs that went smoothly this is a great thing, but its the opposite for a job that was delayed with trim problems.  Down the road even after the job is completely finished when someone asks about the new floor, the homeowner may say something like, “Yes, I love this floor, but it took FOREVER for them to finish it.”  Then the conversation turns into why it took so long.  Your business name will almost always come up in those conversations. Somewhere in the conversation, someone may say something like, “Well, they shouldn’t even start jobs that they can’t finish.”  That person has no idea that you proceeded with a job based on faulty information, but your business reputation will likely carry that burden.  Some of the above is assuming that the trims finally did arrive and were acceptable to the customer.  It takes an even uglier turn when the corresponding transitions arrive and in no possible world could they even be considered corresponding or even if it is only slightly off then that becomes an additional element to the never ending floor remodel story when it is retold for years to come. 

Trims may be the last part of the installation, but it should never become the main event. The Make‐it‐Match™ system will help you to leave your customers completely satisfied with a finished project.  The word of mouth conversations can then be more about the awesome new floor and the awesome business that did it for them.  Additionally, the word of mouth may include, “They made my transitions perfectly match the flooring.  You can’t get that kind of service just anywhere.”  The Make‐it‐Match™ solution allows flooring professionals to quickly and cleanly remove the decorative wear layer from rigid core vinyl planks and then use a special adhesive film, called MatchWrap™, to professionally wrap the trims of your choosing with that decorative wear layer, either in the showroom warehouse or at the installation site.

A Make‐it‐Match Pro Starter Kit, which contains the tools and tapes, is available to get you started right away.

 No need to settle. No need to wait. Why coordinate when you can Make‐it‐Match?™