Why Make-it-Match?

Why coordinate when you can Make-it-Match!™

The Make‐it‐Match™ system is the perfect solution for everyone including the flooring dealer, the flooring installation professional, the property owner and even the flooring manufacturer. This system not only improves the finished appearance of the project it actually does eliminate the major headaches related to the trims for rigid core vinyl plank projects.  See the articles below to see why you should Make-it-Match™.

3rd Party Trims: The Cash Flow Killer

The six to ten week wait for “corresponding” trims is killing your cash flow! You are not alone. Flooring professionals all over North America have been in the same sinking boat waiting for a solution.

Corresponding vs Matching

The Make‐it-Match™ system changes the subjective corresponding trim problem into an objective selling point. You are no longer forced to place an order with a third party trim manufacturer then hope and pray for a good result.

Word of Mouth: A Double‐Edge Sword

Trims may be the last part of the installation, but it should never become the main event. The Make‐it‐Match™ system will help you to leave your customers completely satisfied with a finished project.

A World of New Possibilities

You can now use those high quality commercial grade transitions that are made of vinyl or rubber. Edge guards, t-moldings, adaptors, etc. Those items are not only great quality they are almost always in stock at your nearest flooring distributor ready to be customized.

Squeaky Wheel Cost (SWC)

Your time is money. How much time have you or your people spent on the phone hunting the trims or explaining the problem to customers? That was time away from working toward new sales.