Squeaky Wheel Cost (SWC)

When the trims from the third party supplier have not arrived you are forced to take action. You have to pick up that phone and find out, why in the world are you still waiting. Its way past the original estimated ship date. Are you tired of going round-and-round on the phone trying to find out about your trim order?  Can’t get a straight answer on the new estimated ship date? If you do get a new estimated shipping date has it changed over-and-over? It may be that the ship date changes over-and-over because the trim supplier could be robbing from Peter to pay Paul. Trims that were earmarked for you may have been given to someone else because the other person was the squeakiest wheel that day. One flooring dealer being satisfied to the detriment of another flooring dealer. This results in you constantly losing your spot in line for your trims unless you are willing to be the squeakiest wheel nearly everyday, but being the squeakiest wheel is time consuming. Time is money.

Your time. Your time is money.  How much time have you or your people spent on the phone tracking down the trims or explaining the problem to customers?  That was time taken away from working toward new sales. If you were to document the actual time spent inquiring about the missing trims by you or your employees, what would that cost be? That cost is your Squeaky Wheel Cost (SWC). Now add your Squeaky Wheel Cost to the invoice amount from the third party coordinating trim supplier because that is the actual cost of those coordinating trims.

The Make-it-Match™ system will dramatically reduce your Squeaky Wheel Costs and the time saved can be used toward increasing your sales while giving your customers what they deserve…matching trims and profiles.

Don’t wait. Don’t settle. Don’t just coordinate, when you can Make‐it‐Match.