Plank Skinner™ Tool Kit

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Note: The Plank Skinner™ Tool Kit is also contained in the Make‐It‐Match™ Pro Starter Kit, Item Number: MIM‐PK8001.

The Plank Skinner™ is a patent pending tool designed to aid flooring professionals with the removal of the vinyl wear layer of a rigid LVP product. It makes this process efficient with little physical effort without disfiguring the wear layer. The removed wear layer or skin can then be used along with MatchWrap™ adhesive tape to customize any non‐matching flooring profile such as t‐moldings, end caps, or reducers into an EXACT match to the flooring. Even commercial flooring profiles of vinyl, rubber, or metal can be wrapped using MatchWrap™. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum to be light weight and long lasting. It consists of a drill attachment on one end and a specially grooved shaft on the other end. It attaches to any standard drill. It can skin planks up to 12 inches wide and up to 40 mils thick. The Plank Skinner™ Tool Kit comes with the Plank Skinner™, a canvas storage bag, a smoother, and a double‐head pressure roller. See The Techniques section of the Make‐it‐Match™ website for tips, tricks, and videos. Patent Pending