Corresponding vs Matching

Lets talk about the words, “corresponding” and “matching”. The major trim suppliers stress the word, “corresponding”. They even encourage the flooring dealer sales associate to have the conversation with the homeowner or builder during the selling process. The sales associate has learned to never use the word, “matching”, but to instead prepare the customer upfront for the big possible let down early so its not a shocker when they see the trims and moldings at the end of the project. Naturally and logically, the consumer expects the trims and moldings to be an exact match to the flooring so the sales associate is instructed to nip that expectation in the bud as soon as possible. Then at the end of the project when the customer complains about it they can then remind them of that earlier conversation. Hopefully the customer remembers the conversation because, after all, it may have been about ten weeks since that conversation took place. Even with all the high tech, state of the art printing equipment you are never guaranteed to receive trims and profiles that are an exact match to the flooring.

In the event that the customer refuses to accept the supplied corresponding profiles now everyone has to wait for replacements. So after a long wait on the trims they have finally arrived. The installation professional has been scheduled to install them. The job is about to be complete. The angry customer will finally be satisfied and the store will finally be paid in full for the job. Now remember, at this point the floor has already been down for several weeks so now ALL eyes are on the trims. All eyes being the store rep, the installer, and the homeowner. The trim comes out of the box and it is either one of two things: close enough or not at all what was expected. Best case, it is close enough by the industries’ sad standards and the homeowner is willing to settle with what was received. Or the homeowner may disagree because corresponding in this case is subjective. They may even demand a discount on the job. Has that ever happened to you? Worst case, it is not at all what was expected. It is totally, utterly an epic fail. Maybe it was human error of some kind, but for whatever reason it is as different to everyone in the room as night and day. At this point you are starting over from scratch with the trim supplier because the trim supplier was not in the room with everyone for the big moment.

Now lets rewind this situation all the way back to the beginning for a what if scenario. What if, the sales associate could have simply told the customer that all of the trims for their rigid core vinyl planks ARE an exact match. That their trims ARE an exact match because they use the Make‐it‐Match™ system. That their installers use a special tool, called a Plank Skinner™ to remove the decorative wear layer from the planks and then use a special adhesive film, called MatchWrap™, to professionally wrap the trims with that decorative wear layer, either in the showroom warehouse at the installation site. If that would have happened, life would have been so much easier for everyone. The Make‐it-Match™ system changes the subjective corresponding trim problem into an objective selling point. You are no longer forced to place an order with a third party trim manufacturer then hope and pray for a good result.

Don’t wait. Don’t settle. Don’t just coordinate, when you can Make‐it‐Match.