Corresponding vs Matching

Lets talk about the words, “corresponding” and “matching”. The major trim suppliers stress the word, “corresponding”. They even encourage the flooring dealer sales associate to have the conversation with the homeowner or builder during the selling process. The sales associate has learned to never use the word, “matching”, but to instead prepare the customer upfront […]

Squeaky Wheel Cost (SWC)

When the trims from the third party supplier have not arrived you are forced to take action. You have to pick up that phone and find out, why in the world are you still waiting. Its way past the original estimated ship date. Are you tired of going round-and-round on the phone trying to find […]

3rd Party Trims: The Cash Flow Killer

Let’s talk cash flow. Cash flow is crucial to your business. Like every business, if you’re a flooring dealer or an installation professional cash flow can make you or break you. The home owner does not or will not finish payment for a project until it is completed. Completed, includes the installation of the trims […]

Word of Mouth: A Double-Edge Sword

Waiting on those trims is bad for business because word of mouth is a double‐edged sword.  Word of mouth can be great for your business.  Notice, I said CAN BE.  Even though YOU did everything right, that word of mouth will not be in your favor when your waiting on the trims to finish the job because the […]