3rd Party Trims: The Cash Flow Killer

Let’s talk cash flow. Cash flow is crucial to your business. Like every business, if you’re a flooring dealer or an installation professional cash flow can make you or break you. The home owner does not or will not finish payment for a project until it is completed. Completed, includes the installation of the trims and moldings. How many of your jobs right now are waiting for trims to be completed? How many jobs in the past have you had payment delayed on because you were waiting for the trims to arrive? Have you had any credit card charge backs, yet? If so, how many credit card charge backs have you had to deal with? Aside from the total number of jobs, because it all adds up, what is the total dollar amount that you are currently waiting to receive or have had to wait to receive because of trims?

For many flooring dealers that number is certainly in the thousands. The six to ten week wait for “corresponding” trims is killing your cash flow! You are not alone. Flooring professionals all over North America have been in the same sinking boat waiting for a solution. The stories are the same. The flooring dealer offered a great product, the customer selected the product that excited them, and the flooring was installed flawlessly, but the trims either never arrived or they were completely useless when they did arrive. If they did arrive, it was only after you made a billion phone calls and sent a billion emails to a third party supplier. Let me guess, the estimated shipping date changed over and over making you look bad throughout the process. At some point the home owner or builder may have even thought you were lying to them. Think about it, it actually is unbelievable to be forced to wait six to ten weeks for something so simple. That would probably explain some of those credit card chargebacks. The Make‐it‐Match™ system solves these cash flow headaches.

The Make‐it‐Match™ solution allows flooring professionals to quickly and cleanly remove the decorative wear layer from rigid core vinyl planks and then use a special adhesive film, called MatchWrap™, to professionally wrap the trims of your choosing with that decorative wear layer, either in the showroom warehouse or at the installation site. You can wrap over the top of factory pre‐wrapped profiles. You can even wrap commercial profiles of rubber, PVC, and metal. A Make‐it‐Match™ Pro Starter Kit, which contains the tools and the tapes, is available to get you started right away. This kit can easily pay for itself on its first job. Why keep waiting for your cash when you can Make‐it‐Match™?

No need to settle. No need to wait. Why coordinate when you can Make‐it‐Match™?