A World of New Possibilities

The Make‐it‐Match™ system opens up a world of new possibilities for your trims and profiles. The ability to reface the surface of things like rigid plastic residential t‐molding, end caps, and reducers will allow you to use up that big stack of useless trims that is sitting in the warehouse of most flooring dealers. Usually, its that big stack in the back with all the dust on it, but sometimes their inside an old carpet core sitting on a rack. If you have one of those useless stacks you can now turn that trash into cash because their current colors and designs no longer matter, but be sure to wipe the dust off of them before applying your MatchWrap™ Adhesive Tape. If you don’t have one of those stacks be sure to check local discount bins because these are often donated to local non‐profit resale shops like Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores. You can find them for as little $2 per full stick. Either way, you can save money, support a good cause, and even reduce landfill waste.

That is good news, but this is great news, you can now use commercial trims. You can now use those high quality commercial grade transitions that are made of vinyl or rubber. Edge guards, t-moldings, adaptors, etc. Those items are not only great quality they are almost always in stock at your nearest flooring distributor ready to be customized. Contact your suppliers to obtain a catalog or chain sets to see which ones you like the best, remember color doesn’t matter any more since you are going to Make-it-Match.

In addition to trims and profiles the Make-it-Match™ system can also be used to customize all sorts of items for your customers.  Items like electrical outlet covers, door stops, some air vents, and even hand rails in some cases.  When a homeowner has new flooring installed on their stairs the existing handrails may not go well with the color of the new flooring.  Instead of staining a new hand rail the existing hand rail can be wrapped to match the flooring.

Check out The Techniques page to see video of these items being MatchWrapped.

No need to settle. No need to wait. Why coordinate when you can Make-it-Match?