Professional Onsite flooring profile Surface customization system

The Make-it-Match™ system quickly and cleaning produces an EXACT color and texture MATCH.

What is Make-it-Match?

The Make-it-Match™ system allows flooring professionals to quickly and cleanly remove the decorative wear layer from rigid core vinyl planks and then use a special adhesive film called, MatchWrap, to professionally wrap the trims of your choosing with that decorative wear layer, either in the showroom warehouse or onsite at the customer’s home.  You can wrap over the top of factory pre-wrapped profiles.  You can even wrap commercial profiles of rubber, PVC, and metal.  The result is a perfectly matching profile! The Make-it-Match™ system, provides The Tools, The Tapes and The Techniques to help flooring professionals revolutionize the flooring industry.  The system is quick, clean, and easily mastered by flooring professionals.  Be sure to visit The Techniques page to see full videos of the process.